About Us

The Bernalillo County Fire Department Retirees Association was formed on March 18, 2013.
We were formed for the purpose of:
T0 protect and advise on issues concerning  the interests, rights and welfare of  firefighters who have retired Honorably from the Bernalillo County Fire Department.
To create and maintain a cohesive, cordial  friendship among all retired and active duty firefighters, and their families, of Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue .
To cooperate, as much as possible, with local, state and national fire service organizations.  For the safety of current and retired members of the fire service.
To serve as a mechanism by which members may participate in community service, as well as to assist current, and retired members and their families, in the case of Death and or Injuries.
To achieve the above proposes, the members of the Association shall assemble and meet once each month to function as required by these  Bylaws.

To do this without charging the members of this Association, or the current members of Bernalillo County Fire and Rescue, or their families.